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Anatomy Term : FBbt:00005177 chaeta Fly Anatomy

Namespace  fly_anatomy.ontology Obsolete  false
description  A sensillum with a long, unicellular, setiform outgrowth that is strongly chitinized.

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Fly Anatomy

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Identifier Name Description
FBbt:00001137 sensory mother cell  
FBbt:00005168 external sensory organ  
FBbt:00005177 chaeta A sensillum with a long, unicellular, setiform outgrowth that is strongly chitinized.
FBbt:00005155 sense organ Multicellular anatomical structure with largely bona fide boundary that transduces some sensory stimulus to the nervous system.
FBbt:00005164 external sensory organ precursor cell Precursor cell that gives rise to an external sensory organ.
FBbt:00007016 material anatomical entity  
FBbt:00007006 developing material anatomical entity  
FBbt:00007001 anatomical structure Material anatomical entity that has inherent 3D shape, whose parts are all connected and that is generated by coordinated expression of the organism's own genome.
FBbt:00007152 sensillum A sense organ embedded in the integument and consisting of one or a cluster of sensory neurons and associated sensory structures, support cells and glial cells forming a single organized unit with a largely bona fide boundary.
FBbt:00100313 multicellular structure Anatomical structure that has multiple cells as parts.
FBbt:10000000 anatomical entity Anatomical entity which is part_of Drosophila melanogaster.
FBbt:00007002 cell Anatomical structure that has as its parts a maximally connected cell compartment surrounded by a plasma membrane.
FBbt:00007008 somatic precursor cell  
FBbt:00100318 somatic cell  
FBbt:00007232 eo-type sensillum Sensillum with innervated external cuticular sensory structure consisting of one or more bipolar sensory neurons, and 3 support cells: a trichogen cell which makes the external cuticular sensory structure, a thecogen cell which makes the socket that holds the base of the external sensory structure and a tormogen cell which makes the cuticular matrix (cap) at the tip of the innervating dendrite(s).
FBbt:00007231 external sensillum Sensillum which is embedded in the body wall and has a specific cuticular structure involved in the transduction of some sensory signal as a part.
FBbt:00007229 cell cluster organ A cluster of cells of various types which form a discrete structure with a largely bona fide boundary.

213 Relations

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is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 head bristle FBbt:00004115
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 orbital bristle FBbt:00004116
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 anterior orbital bristle FBbt:00004117
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 middle orbital bristle FBbt:00004118
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 posterior orbital bristle FBbt:00004119
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 occipital bristle FBbt:00004120
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 vertical bristle FBbt:00004121
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 anterior vertical bristle FBbt:00004122
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 posterior vertical bristle FBbt:00004123
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 frontal bristle FBbt:00004124
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 fronto-orbital bristle FBbt:00004125
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 postvertical bristle FBbt:00004126
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 postorbital bristle FBbt:00004127
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 ocellar bristle FBbt:00004128
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 interocellar bristle FBbt:00004129
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 vibrissae FBbt:00004130
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 subvibrissal bristle FBbt:00004131
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 postgenal bristle FBbt:00004132
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 interommatidial bristle FBbt:00004133
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 premandibular bristle FBbt:00004134
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 cibarial fish-trap bristle FBbt:00004136
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 dorsal row bristle of the cibarium FBbt:00004137
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 ventral row bristle of the cibarium FBbt:00004138
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 maxillary palp bristle FBbt:00004160
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 labellar taste bristle FBbt:00004162
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 humeral bristle FBbt:00004249
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 upper humeral bristle FBbt:00004250
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 lower humeral bristle FBbt:00004251
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 prothoracic leg taste bristle FBbt:00004253
is_a chaeta FBbt:00005177 prothoracic coxal bristle on hairy island FBbt:00004259

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sensillum chaeticum synonym