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Anatomy Term : FBbt:00004200 retina Fly Anatomy

Namespace  fly_anatomy.ontology Obsolete  false
description  The array of photoreceptors and the cells that support them in a compound eye.

1 Cross References

Identifier Name Description
UBERON:0005388 photoreceptor array An array of photoreceptors and any supporting cells found in an eye.

1 Ontology

Fly Anatomy

28 Parents

Identifier Name Description
FBbt:00003004 adult  
FBbt:00004508 eye A bilaterally paired compound sense organ of the adult head that functions in visual perception.
FBbt:00005162 photoreceptor A light sensitive sense organ.
FBbt:00005098 peripheral nervous system The outer parts of the nervous system that perform sensory and motor functions.
FBbt:00000004 head  
FBbt:00004200 retina The array of photoreceptors and the cells that support them in a compound eye.
FBbt:00003007 adult head Head of the adult organism.
FBbt:00005168 external sensory organ  
FBbt:00005155 sense organ Multicellular anatomical structure with largely bona fide boundary that transduces some sensory stimulus to the nervous system.
FBbt:00005093 nervous system All the nerve centers and nerve fibers in the central, visceral and peripheral nervous systems.
FBbt:00003559 adult nervous system  
FBbt:00004113 adult sense organ Any sense organ (FBbt:00005155) that is part of some adult (FBbt:00003004).
FBbt:00005892 adult peripheral nervous system  
FBbt:00000001 organism An individual member of the species Drosophila melanogaster.
FBbt:00007016 material anatomical entity  
FBbt:00007009 organism subdivision Anatomical structure that is a primary subdivision of whole organism. The mereological sum of these is the whole organism.
FBbt:00007001 anatomical structure Material anatomical entity that has inherent 3D shape, whose parts are all connected and that is generated by coordinated expression of the organism's own genome.
FBbt:00007330 organ system subdivision  
FBbt:00007003 portion of tissue Anatomical structure, that consists of similar cells and intercellular matrix, aggregated according to genetically determined spatial relationships.
FBbt:00004856 organ system A division of the whole organism into specialized systems.
FBbt:00100313 multicellular structure Anatomical structure that has multiple cells as parts.
FBbt:10000000 anatomical entity Anatomical entity which is part_of Drosophila melanogaster.
FBbt:00000002 tagma The three main divisions of the whole organism formed from groups of segments.
FBbt:00057001 anterior-posterior subdivision of organism  
FBbt:00003005 adult tagma Any tagma (FBbt:00000002) that is part of some adult (FBbt:00003004).
FBbt:00007234 compound sense organ Any compound cell cluster organ (FBbt:00007230) that capable of some detection of stimulus involved in sensory perception (GO:0050906).
FBbt:00007230 compound cell cluster organ An anatomical structure consisting of multiple cell cluster organs and which does not contain portions of tissue.
FBbt:00007235 external compound sense organ  

119 Relations

Parent Term . Name

Parent Term . Identifier

Child Term . Name

Child Term . Identifier
part_of retina FBbt:00004200 cornea FBbt:00004191
part_of retina FBbt:00004200 cone cell FBbt:00004193
part_of retina FBbt:00004200 posterior cone cell FBbt:00004194
part_of retina FBbt:00004200 anterior cone cell FBbt:00004195
part_of retina FBbt:00004200 polar cone cell FBbt:00004196
part_of retina FBbt:00004200 equatorial cone cell FBbt:00004197
part_of retina FBbt:00004200 pseudocone FBbt:00004198
part_of retina FBbt:00004200 lens FBbt:00004199
part_of adult peripheral nervous system FBbt:00005892 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of eye FBbt:00004508 retina FBbt:00004200
is_a portion of tissue FBbt:00007003 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of anatomical structure FBbt:00007001 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of multicellular structure FBbt:00100313 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of organ system FBbt:00004856 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of sense organ FBbt:00005155 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of peripheral nervous system FBbt:00005098 retina FBbt:00004200
is_a anatomical entity FBbt:10000000 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of compound sense organ FBbt:00007234 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of organism subdivision FBbt:00007009 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of external compound sense organ FBbt:00007235 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of compound cell cluster organ FBbt:00007230 retina FBbt:00004200
is_a material anatomical entity FBbt:00007016 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of organ system subdivision FBbt:00007330 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of anterior-posterior subdivision of organism FBbt:00057001 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of nervous system FBbt:00005093 retina FBbt:00004200
is_a multicellular structure FBbt:00100313 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of adult tagma FBbt:00003005 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of external sensory organ FBbt:00005168 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of organism FBbt:00000001 retina FBbt:00004200
part_of adult FBbt:00003004 retina FBbt:00004200

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