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Name  Fukagawa T

13 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
Okada M The CENP-H-I complex is required for the efficient incorporation of newly synthesized CENP-A into centromeres. 2006 Nat Cell Biol 8 446-57 16622420
Hori T CENP-O class proteins form a stable complex and are required for proper kinetochore function. 2008 Mol Biol Cell 19 843-54 18094054
Nishihashi A CENP-I is essential for centromere function in vertebrate cells. 2002 Dev Cell 2 463-76 11970896
Amano M The CENP-S complex is essential for the stable assembly of outer kinetochore structure. 2009 J Cell Biol 186 173-82 19620631
Nishino T CENP-T-W-S-X forms a unique centromeric chromatin structure with a histone-like fold. 2012 Cell 148 487-501 22304917
Takami Y Essential role of chromatin assembly factor-1-mediated rapid nucleosome assembly for DNA replication and cell division in vertebrate cells. 2007 Mol Biol Cell 18 129-41 17065558
Hori T CCAN makes multiple contacts with centromeric DNA to provide distinct pathways to the outer kinetochore. 2008 Cell 135 1039-52 19070575
Gascoigne KE Induced ectopic kinetochore assembly bypasses the requirement for CENP-A nucleosomes. 2011 Cell 145 410-22 21529714
Takeuchi K The centromeric nucleosome-like CENP-T-W-S-X complex induces positive supercoils into DNA. 2013 Nucleic Acids Res     24234442
Mikami Y The functional region of CENP-H interacts with the Nuf2 complex that localizes to centromere during mitosis. 2005 Mol Cell Biol 25 1958-70 15713649
Zuccolo M The human Nup107-160 nuclear pore subcomplex contributes to proper kinetochore functions. 2007 EMBO J 26 1853-64 17363900
Liu D Regulated targeting of protein phosphatase 1 to the outer kinetochore by KNL1 opposes Aurora B kinase. 2010 J Cell Biol 188 809-20 20231380
Welburn JP Aurora B phosphorylates spatially distinct targets to differentially regulate the kinetochore-microtubule interface. 2010 Mol Cell 38 383-92 20471944