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Protein Domain : IPR017868

Name  Filamin/ABP280 repeat-like Short Name  Filamin/ABP280_repeat-like
Type  Repeat Description  The many different actin cross-linking proteins share a common architecture, consisting of a globular actin-binding domain and an extended rod. Whereas their actin-binding domains consist of two calponin homology domains (see ), their rods fall into three families.The rod domain of the family including the Dictyostelium discoideum(Slime mould) gelation factor (ABP120) and human filamin (ABP280) is constructed from tandem repeats of a 100-residue motif that is glycine and proline rich []. The gelation factor's rod contains 6 copies of the repeat, whereas filamin has a rod constructed from 24 repeats. The resolution of the 3D structure of rod repeats from the gelation factor has shown that they consist of a beta-sandwich, formed by two beta-sheets arranged in an immunoglobulin-like fold [, ]. Because conserved residues that form the core of the repeats are preserved in filamin, the repeat structure should be common to the members of the gelation factor/filamin family.The head to tail homodimerisation is crucial to the function of the ABP120 and ABP280 proteins. This interaction involves a small portion at the distal end of the rod domains. For the gelation factor it has been shown that the carboxy-terminal repeat 6 dimerises through a double edge-to-edge extension of the beta-sheet and that repeat 5 contributes to dimerisation to some extent [, , ].

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PF00630 PFAM IPR017868
PS50194 PROFILE IPR017868

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IPR013783 Immunoglobulin-like fold Ig-like_fold Domain
IPR014756 Immunoglobulin E-set Ig_E-set Domain

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FBpp0291569 Q9W204 Drosophila melanogaster
FBpp0071830 Q8MME5 Drosophila melanogaster
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