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Protein Domain : IPR019585

Name  26S proteasome, regulatory subunit Rpn7 Short Name  26S_proteasome_reg_su-Rpn7
Type  Family Description  This entry represents the regulatory subunit RPN7 (known as the non-ATPase regulatory subunit 6 in higher eukaryotes) of the 26S proteasome. This entry also matches the evolutionarily related subunit 1 of the COP9 signalosome complex (CSN) from Arabidopsis []. The 26S proteasome plays a major role in ATP-dependent degradation of ubiquitinated proteins. Substrate specificity is conferred by the regulatory particle (RP), which can dissociate into stable lid and base subcomplexes. The regulatory subunit RPN7 is one of the lid subunits of the 26S proteasome and has been shown in Saccharomyces cerevisiae(Baker's yeast) to be required for structural integrity []. The COP9 signalosome is a conserved protein complex composed of eight subunits, where Individual subunits of the complex have been linked to various signal transduction pathways leading to gene expression and cell cycle control []. The overall organisation and the amino acid sequences of the COP9 signalosome subunits resemble the lid subcomplex of the 19 S regulatory particle for the 26 S proteasome []. COP9 subunit 1 (CSN1 or GPS1) of the COP9 complex is an essential subunit of the complex with regard to both structural integrity and functionality. The N-terminal region of subunit 1 (CSN1-N) can inhibit c-fos expression from either a transfected template or a chromosomal transgene (fos-lacZ), and may contain the activity domain that confers most of the repression functions of CSN1. The C-terminal region of subunit 1 (CSN1-C) allows integration of the protein into the COP9 signalosome.

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G0PEA8_CAEBE G0PEA8 Caenorhabditis brenneri
G0NWY4_CAEBE G0NWY4 Caenorhabditis brenneri
CSN1_CAEEL Q9GS00 Caenorhabditis elegans
PSMD6_CAEEL Q20585 Caenorhabditis elegans
E3N5P5_CAERE E3N5P5 Caenorhabditis remanei
E3NT33_CAERE E3NT33 Caenorhabditis remanei
E3N5P8_CAERE E3N5P8 Caenorhabditis remanei