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Gene : proPO59 D. melanogaster

DB identifier  ? FBgn0261363 Secondary Identifier  ? CG42640
Name  ? prophenoloxidase 59 Source  FlyBase
  • synonyms:
  • FBgn0034815,
  • PPO3,
  • FBgn0000487,
  • FBan0002952,
  • CG2952,
  • Pro-PO3,
  • CG42640,
  • FBgn0261363,
  • Dox-A3,
  • proPO59,
  • DmePPO3

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5 Alleles

DB identifier Symbol Allele Class Organism
FBal0240666 proPO59[dsRNA.Scer\UAS]   Drosophila melanogaster
FBal0220109 proPO59[G18923]   Drosophila melanogaster
FBal0206889 proPO59[GD9864]   Drosophila melanogaster
FBal0206890 proPO59[GD16572]   Drosophila melanogaster
FBal0240665 proPO59[Scer\UAS.cNa]   Drosophila melanogaster

6 Clones

Secondary Identifier DB identifier
GH07976 FBcl0130687
LD25804 FBcl0172704
SD09866 FBcl0286150
SD02704 FBcl0286151
FI21338 FBcl0743476
DPiM_GH07976 FBcl0739066

4 Exons

DB identifier Symbol
FBgn0261363:1 proPO59:1
FBgn0261363:2 proPO59:2
FBgn0261363:3 proPO59:3
FBgn0261363:4 proPO59:4

1 Transcripts

DB identifier Gene
FBtr0302290 proPO59

2 UTRs

Class DB identifier
Organism . Name
FivePrimeUTR FBtr0302290-5-prime-utr Drosophila melanogaster
ThreePrimeUTR FBtr0302290-3-prime-utr Drosophila melanogaster


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0 Pathways

1 Cross References

Source . Name

Subject . Primary Identifier
44513 NCBI Entrez Gene identifiers FBgn0261363

7 Data Sets

Name URL
FlyBase data set for Drosophila melanogaster  
Swiss-Prot data set
Drosophila 12 Genomes Consortium homology  
GenomeRNAi data set  
TreeFam data set  
GO Annotation from FlyBase  
FlyBase fasta data set for Drosophila melanogaster  

0 Expression Scores

3 Introns

DB identifier
Organism . Name
intron_FBgn0261363:1_FBgn0261363:2 Drosophila melanogaster
intron_FBgn0261363:2_FBgn0261363:3 Drosophila melanogaster
intron_FBgn0261363:3_FBgn0261363:4 Drosophila melanogaster

9 RNAi Results

Screen Gene Phenotype Score Conditions PubMed ID
Lipid storage proPO59 none 1.029536813   19067489
Lipid storage proPO59 none 0.176670323   19067489
Cell size and cell-cycle regulation (1) proPO59 none sp   16496002
Muscle morphogenesis and function (1) proPO59 none np   20220848
Heat nociception (1) proPO59 none -0.43   21074052
Serratia marcescens infection (1) proPO59 none -0.028169014084507   19520911
Notch pathway regulation (4) proPO59 none 0   19363474
Adiposity regulation (1) proPO59 none -0.035   20074523
Hippo pathway regulation proPO59 none -1.5   23263283

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