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Strain : GR1373

Species  C. elegans Description  Temperature sensitive: sterile at 25C. Maintain at 15C. Him. Eri. Due to a direct repeat the exact site and sequence of the 23 bp eri-1(mg366) insertion is unclearhoweverthe insertion lies in exon 6 of T07A9 between nucleotide positions 35215 and 35204 of cosmid T07A9 and includes 23 or these 32 nucleotides tttatcgaaaaaaaaacaggcactttatcgaa. Primers to follow eri-1mg366: GATAAAACTTCGGAACATATGGGGC and ACTGATGGGTAAGGAATCGAAGACG. These primers will give a 170 bp product in N2 and a 193 bp product in eri-1(mg366).
Reference;class=Strain Type  strain

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