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Protein : FBpp0079439 D. melanogaster

Primary Accession  ? Q9VLA1 Organism . Name  Drosophila melanogaster
MD5 Checksum  6f2bbbf66f7190f7b7f978938dbcb846 UniProt Accession  Q9VLA1
UniProt Name  B3G2S_DROME GenBank Identifier  AAF52795
Is UniProt Canonical  true Is Fragment  false
Length  409 Molecular Weight  46711
Name  Galactosylgalactosylxylosylprotein 3-beta-glucuronosyltransferase S Secondary Identifier  FBpp0079439

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1 Genes

DB identifier Secondary Identifier Symbol Name Source Organism
FBgn0032135 CG3881 GlcAT-S GlcAT-S FlyBase D. melanogaster


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0 Components

4 Cross References

Source . Name

Subject . Primary Identifier
NP_609303.1 RefSeq FBpp0079439
Dm.370 UniGene FBpp0079439
Dm.2664 UniGene FBpp0079439
NP_723476.1 RefSeq FBpp0079439

3 Data Sets

Name URL
FlyBase data set for Drosophila melanogaster  
Swiss-Prot data set
Reactome data set  

1 Ec Numbers

Identifier Description  

1 Locations

Located On . Primary Identifier
Start End Strand
2L 9617330 9622424 1

19 Pathways

Identifier Name
106046 Carbohydrate metabolism
112201 Metabolism
127223 A tetrasaccharide linker sequence is required for GAG synthesis
147112 Heparan sulfate/heparin (HS-GAG) metabolism
136906 Chondroitin sulfate/dermatan sulfate metabolism
139718 Glycosaminoglycan metabolism
149346 MPS IX - Natowicz syndrome
148780 MPS VII - Sly syndrome
149220 MPS VI - Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome
148775 MPS IV - Morquio syndrome B
149087 MPS IV - Morquio syndrome A
149966 MPS IIIC - Sanfilippo syndrome C
149311 MPS IIID - Sanfilippo syndrome D
148829 MPS IIIA - Sanfilippo syndrome A
149853 MPS IIIB - Sanfilippo syndrome B
148833 MPS I - Hurler syndrome
149426 MPS II - Hunter syndrome
149407 Mucopolysaccharidoses
118381 Disease

2 Protein Domains

DB identifier Name Short Name Type
IPR029044 Nucleotide-diphospho-sugar transferases Nucleotide-diphossugar_trans Domain
IPR005027 Glycosyl transferase, family 43 Glyco_trans_43 Family

1 Transcripts

DB identifier Gene
FBtr0079842 GlcAT-S