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Protein : FBpp0289400 D. melanogaster

Primary Accession  ? Q86NQ2 Organism . Name  Drosophila melanogaster
MD5 Checksum  4f27b7e7e1059922e2c54a1f47dd1336 UniProt Accession  Q86NQ2
UniProt Name  Q86NQ2_DROME GenBank Identifier  ACL83539
Is UniProt Canonical  true Is Fragment  false
Length  760 Molecular Weight  82929
Name  Fibroblast growth factor Secondary Identifier  FBpp0289400

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1 Genes

DB identifier Secondary Identifier Symbol Name Source Organism
FBgn0014135 CG4608 bnl branchless FlyBase D. melanogaster


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0 Components

2 Cross References

Source . Name

Subject . Primary Identifier
Dm.2390 UniGene FBpp0289400
NP_001138083.1 RefSeq FBpp0289400

3 Data Sets

Name URL
FlyBase data set for Drosophila melanogaster  
TrEMBL data set
Reactome data set  

0 Ec Numbers

2 Locations

Located On . Primary Identifier
Start End Strand
3R 15621216 15654210 -1
3R 15621216 15654210 -1

26 Pathways

Identifier Name
137546 Signaling by FGFR2 mutants
130446 Activated point mutants of FGFR2
135977 Signaling by FGFR3 mutants
140972 Signaling by FGFR1 mutants
133724 Signaling by FGFR1 amplification mutants
141772 Signaling by activated point mutants of FGFR1
143706 Signaling by activated point mutants of FGFR3
132703 Signaling by FGFR mutants
118381 Disease
128167 Signaling by FGFR in disease
131529 Negative regulation of FGFR signaling
129030 SHC-mediated cascade
81138 Phospholipase C-mediated cascade
31423 FRS2-mediated cascade
110147 Downstream signaling of activated FGFR
96718 FGFR4 ligand binding and activation
106400 FGFR3c ligand binding and activation
84313 Signaling by FGFR
29211 FGFR1 ligand binding and activation
110644 FGFR ligand binding and activation
89767 FGFR2 ligand binding and activation
96553 FGFR1c ligand binding and activation
100693 FGFR3 ligand binding and activation
92496 FGFR2c ligand binding and activation
103898 FGFR3b ligand binding and activation
97910 Signaling Pathways

2 Protein Domains

DB identifier Name Short Name Type
IPR008996 Cytokine, IL-1-like Cytokine_IL1-like Family
IPR002209 Fibroblast growth factor family Fibroblast_GF_fam Family

2 Transcripts

DB identifier Gene
FBtr0300123 bnl
FBtr0344549 bnl