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Publication : CtBP is required for proper development of peripheral nervous system in Drosophila.

First Author  Stern MD Year  2009
Journal  Mech Dev Volume  126
Pages  68-79 PubMed ID  18992810
Issue  1-2

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30 Bio Entities

Class DB identifier Symbol Allele Class Organism Secondary Identifier Name Source Organism Cytological Location Length
Gene FBgn0001169 H     CG5460 Hairless FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0002573 sens     CG32120 senseless FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0003963 ush     CG2762 u-shaped FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0020496 CtBP     CG7583 C-terminal Binding Protein FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0002525 Lam     CG6944 Lamin FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0003117 pnr     CG3978 pannier FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Allele FBal0280612 CtBP[dsRNA.Scer\UAS.WIZ]   Drosophila melanogaster            
Allele FBal0280613 CtBP[dsRNA.Scer\UAS.HIZ]   Drosophila melanogaster            
Allele FBal0280614 ush[Scer\UAS.cSa]   Drosophila melanogaster            
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0002785       P{GawB}ap[md544]          
Allele FBal0280615 ush[4A.Scer\UAS]   Drosophila melanogaster            
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0150402       P{UAS-CtBP.S}1          
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0150403       P{UAS-CtBP.S}10          
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0150404       P{UAS-CtBP.S}14          
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0150405       P{UAS-ush.S}5-2          
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0150406       P{UAS-ush.S}5-4          
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0150407       P{UAS-ush.S}5-6          
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0150408       P{UAS-ush.4A}1          
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0150409       P{UAS-ush.4A}2          
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0150410       P{UAS-CtBP.RNAi.WIZ}7-2          
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0150411       P{UAS-CtBP.RNAi.WIZ}7-3          
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0150412       P{UAS-CtBP.RNAi.HIZ}20-5          
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0004036       P{GawB}sca[109-68]          
Allele FBal0086957 CtBP[03463] loss of function allele Drosophila melanogaster            
Allele FBal0038852 H[E31] amorphic allele - genetic evidence Drosophila melanogaster            
Allele FBal0280477 CtBP[Scer\UAS.cSa]   Drosophila melanogaster            
Allele FBal0017649 ush[2] loss of function allele, amorphic allele - genetic evidence, hypomorphic allele - genetic evidence Drosophila melanogaster            
Allele FBal0032468 pnr[VX6] amorphic allele - genetic evidence, loss of function allele Drosophila melanogaster            
Allele FBal0010480 CtBP[87De-10] loss of function allele Drosophila melanogaster            
NaturalTransposableElement FBte0000037 P-element