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Publication : Identification and expression of Ima, a novel Ral-interacting Drosophila protein.

First Author  Beller M Year  2002
Journal  Gene Expr Patterns Volume  2
Pages  289-96 PubMed ID  12617816
Issue  3-4

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20 Bio Entities

Class DB identifier Symbol Allele Class Organism Secondary Identifier Available Name Source Organism Cytological Location Length
Gene FBgn0003720 tll     CG1378   tailless FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0003996 w     CG2759   white FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0003053 peb     CG12212   pebbled FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0003733 tor     CG1389   torso FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0015286 Rala     CG2849   Ras-like protein A FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0026056 Rlip     CG11622   Ral interacting protein FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Allele FBal0028610 w[+mC]   Drosophila melanogaster              
Gene FBgn0034590 Magi     CG30388   Magi FlyBase D. melanogaster    
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0002122       P{GawB}T80            
Gene FBgn0261434 hkb     CG9768   huckebein FlyBase D. melanogaster    
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0002575       P{GawB}elav[C155]           2  
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0003572       P{en2.4-GAL4}e16E            
ChromosomalDeletion FBab0001949       Df(2R)CC2            
Allele FBal0016889 tll[1] loss of function allele, hypomorphic allele - genetic evidence Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0016912 tor[4] loss of function allele, amorphic allele - genetic evidence, gain of function allele Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0031494 hkb[2] loss of function allele, hypomorphic allele - genetic evidence Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0005509 peb[hnt-1]   Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0144751 Magi[DeltaPDZ.Scer\UAS.T:Zzzz\FLAG]   Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0144750 Magi[DeltaWW.Scer\UAS.T:Zzzz\FLAG]   Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0144749 Magi[Scer\UAS.cBa]   Drosophila melanogaster