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Anatomy Term : FBbt:00004583 scutum Fly Anatomy

Namespace  fly_anatomy.ontology Obsolete  false
description  The part of the mesothoracic tergum between the intrascutal suture (FBbt:00004602) and the scutoscutellar suture (FBbt:00004602).

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Fly Anatomy

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Identifier Name Description
FBbt:00003004 adult  
FBbt:00004580 mesothoracic tergum The dorsal sclerites (tergites) of the mesothorax.
FBbt:00003021 adult mesothoracic segment Any mesothoracic segment (FBbt:00000018) that is part of some adult thorax (FBbt:00003018).
FBbt:00003018 adult thorax Thorax of the adult.
FBbt:00000015 thorax The main middle section of the insect body comprising three thoracic rings: the pro-, the meso- and the metathoraces which are more or less well fused and cask-like sometimes having on the upper lateral part one of two pairs of wings, while on the ventrolateral part each thoracic ring bears a pair of legs.
FBbt:00000003 segment One of the repeated divisions of the whole organism.
FBbt:00000018 mesothoracic segment The second (middle) segment of the thorax.
FBbt:00004579 dorsal mesothorax  
FBbt:00007005 epithelium Portion of tissue, that consists of one or more layers of cells with distinct apical-basal polarity, connected to each other by cell junctions.
FBbt:00004475 sclerite A region of integument whose external cuticular part is a hard, sclerotized plate.
FBbt:00000016 thoracic segment Any segment (FBbt:00000003) that is part of some thorax (FBbt:00000015).
FBbt:00004551 adult external thorax  
FBbt:00005396 adult integumentary system  
FBbt:00003006 adult segment Segment of the adult.
FBbt:00003019 adult thoracic segment Any segment (FBbt:00000003) that is part of some adult thorax (FBbt:00003018).
FBbt:00000001 organism An individual member of the species Drosophila melanogaster.
FBbt:00004578 adult external mesothorax  
FBbt:00004583 scutum The part of the mesothoracic tergum between the intrascutal suture (FBbt:00004602) and the scutoscutellar suture (FBbt:00004602).
FBbt:00007016 material anatomical entity  
FBbt:00007006 developing material anatomical entity  
FBbt:00004969 integumentary system The organ system that forms the covering layer of the animal.
FBbt:00007009 organism subdivision Anatomical structure that is a primary subdivision of whole organism. The mereological sum of these is the whole organism.
FBbt:00007001 anatomical structure Material anatomical entity that has inherent 3D shape, whose parts are all connected and that is generated by coordinated expression of the organism's own genome.
FBbt:00007027 cuboidal/columnar epithelium An epithelium consisting of columnar shaped cells.
FBbt:00007330 organ system subdivision  
FBbt:00007003 portion of tissue Anatomical structure, that consists of similar cells and intercellular matrix, aggregated according to genetically determined spatial relationships.
FBbt:00005426 anlage Anlagen are populations of contiguous cells, typically arranged in one plane, that are morphologically indistinct, but that already correspond in extent to a later organ/tissue.
FBbt:00004856 organ system A division of the whole organism into specialized systems.
FBbt:00100313 multicellular structure Anatomical structure that has multiple cells as parts.
FBbt:10000000 anatomical entity Anatomical entity which is part_of Drosophila melanogaster.

56 Relations

Parent Term . Name

Parent Term . Identifier

Child Term . Name

Child Term . Identifier
part_of scutum FBbt:00004583 supraalar bristle FBbt:00004303
part_of scutum FBbt:00004583 anterior supraalar bristle FBbt:00004304
part_of scutum FBbt:00004583 posterior supraalar bristle FBbt:00004305
part_of scutum FBbt:00004583 dorsocentral bristle FBbt:00004306
part_of scutum FBbt:00004583 anterior dorsocentral bristle FBbt:00004307
part_of scutum FBbt:00004583 posterior dorsocentral bristle FBbt:00004308
part_of scutum FBbt:00004583 postalar bristle FBbt:00004309
part_of scutum FBbt:00004583 anterior postalar bristle FBbt:00004310
part_of scutum FBbt:00004583 posterior postalar bristle FBbt:00004311
is_a sclerite FBbt:00004475 scutum FBbt:00004583
part_of mesothoracic tergum FBbt:00004580 scutum FBbt:00004583
develops_from presumptive scutum FBbt:00007638 scutum FBbt:00004583
part_of anterior-posterior subdivision of organism FBbt:00057001 scutum FBbt:00004583
develops_from multicellular structure FBbt:00100313 scutum FBbt:00004583
part_of organism FBbt:00000001 scutum FBbt:00004583
part_of tagma FBbt:00000002 scutum FBbt:00004583
part_of integumentary system FBbt:00004969 scutum FBbt:00004583
part_of segment FBbt:00000003 scutum FBbt:00004583
part_of segmental subdivision of integument FBbt:00007285 scutum FBbt:00004583
part_of material anatomical entity FBbt:00007016 scutum FBbt:00004583
part_of region of integument FBbt:00007284 scutum FBbt:00004583
is_a organ system subdivision FBbt:00007330 scutum FBbt:00004583
is_a anatomical structure FBbt:00007001 scutum FBbt:00004583
develops_from material anatomical entity FBbt:00007016 scutum FBbt:00004583
part_of multicellular structure FBbt:00100313 scutum FBbt:00004583
is_a material anatomical entity FBbt:00007016 scutum FBbt:00004583
part_of anatomical entity FBbt:10000000 scutum FBbt:00004583
part_of adult external mesothorax FBbt:00004578 scutum FBbt:00004583
develops_from anlage FBbt:00005426 scutum FBbt:00004583
part_of dorsal mesothorax FBbt:00004579 scutum FBbt:00004583

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