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Publication : Mutations in orbit/mast reveal that the central spindle is comprised of two microtubule populations, those that initiate cleavage and those that propagate furrow ingression.

First Author  Inoue YH Year  2004
Journal  J Cell Biol Volume  166
Pages  49-60 PubMed ID  15240569
Issue  1

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20 Bio Entities

Class DB identifier Symbol Allele Class Organism Secondary Identifier Name Source Organism Primary Accession
Gene FBgn0000046 Act87E     CG18290 Actin 87E FlyBase D. melanogaster  
Gene FBgn0000047 Act88F     CG5178 Actin 88F FlyBase D. melanogaster  
Gene FBgn0011692 pav     CG1258 pavarotti FlyBase D. melanogaster  
Gene FBgn0024227 ial     CG6620 IplI-aurora-like kinase FlyBase D. melanogaster  
Gene FBgn0000043 Act42A     CG12051 Actin 42A FlyBase D. melanogaster  
Gene FBgn0000140 asp     CG6875 abnormal spindle FlyBase D. melanogaster  
Gene FBgn0000042 Act5C     CG4027 Actin 5C FlyBase D. melanogaster  
Gene FBgn0021760 chb     CG32435 chromosome bows FlyBase D. melanogaster  
Protein FBpp0088470     Drosophila melanogaster         Q9NBD7
Gene FBgn0261385 scra     CG2092 scraps FlyBase D. melanogaster  
Gene FBgn0003884 alphaTub84B     CG1913 alpha-Tubulin at 84B FlyBase D. melanogaster  
Gene FBgn0000044 Act57B     CG10067 Actin 57B FlyBase D. melanogaster  
Allele FBal0147232 chb[5] hypomorphic allele - genetic evidence Drosophila melanogaster          
Gene FBgn0000045 Act79B     CG7478 Actin 79B FlyBase D. melanogaster  
Allele FBal0063699 chb[v40]   Drosophila melanogaster          
Allele FBal0104958 chb[+t14]   Drosophila melanogaster          
Allele FBal0191748 chb[7] hypomorphic allele - genetic evidence Drosophila melanogaster          
Allele FBal0191688 chb[8] hypomorphic allele - genetic evidence Drosophila melanogaster          
Allele FBal0188379 alphaTub84B[Act5C.T:Avic\GFP-S65C,T:Zzzz\His6,T:SV5\V5]   Drosophila melanogaster          
NaturalTransposableElement FBte0000037 P-element