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Phenotype Annotation :

Annotation Type  manifest in Description  embryonic epidermis
Allele . Primary Identifier  FBal0099813

1 Allele

DB identifier Symbol Allele Class Organism
FBal0099813 Syx1A[H3-C]   Drosophila melanogaster

1 Anatomy Term

Identifier Name Description
FBbt:00005397 embryonic epidermis  

0 CV Terms

1 Data Sets

Name URL
FlyBase data set for Drosophila melanogaster  

0 Development Term

1 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
Wu MN Syntaxin 1A interacts with multiple exocytic proteins to regulate neurotransmitter release in vivo. 1999 Neuron 23 593-605 10433270