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Anatomy Term : FBbt:00004954 spermatozoon Fly Anatomy

Namespace  fly_anatomy.ontology Obsolete  false
description  A mature, haploid male gamete.

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Fly Anatomy

53 Parents

Identifier Name Description
FBbt:00004928 testis  
FBbt:00004860 germline cell  
FBbt:00004942 spermatid One of 64, post meiotic, haploid male germ cells in a spermatid cyst, connected to other spermatids by cytoplasmic bridges. The loss of these cytoplasmic bridge (individualisation) marks the end of the spermatid stage.
FBbt:00004936 spermatocyte  
FBbt:00004954 spermatozoon A mature, haploid male gamete.
FBbt:00004861 germline stem cell Stem cell that is the precursor of gametes.
FBbt:00004929 male germline stem cell Male germline cell and stem cell from which all other male germline cells develop. Male germline stem cells are part of the germinal proliferation center of the testis. They are arranged around a central hub made up of densely packed hub cells (apical cells), to which they are attached via adherens junctions.
FBbt:00005320 individualization stage spermatid A fully elongated spermatid, undergoing individualisation.
FBbt:00005286 primary spermatocyte Male germ cells from the end of the S-phase that precedes meiosis I to the end of meiosis I. This S-phase occurs very early in the 16 cell cyst stage so almost all 16 cell cysts are at the primary spermatocyte stage.
FBbt:00004935 spermatogonium  
FBbt:00004927 male reproductive system  
FBbt:00004858 gonad The organ of the reproductive system in which the germ cells reside.
FBbt:00057167 polar primary spermatocyte Early primary spermatocyte with a spherical, asymmetrically placed nucleus and with mitochondria aggregated at the pole of the cell opposite the nucleus.
FBbt:00004941 secondary spermatocyte Spermatocyte from the end of the first meiotic division to the end of the second meiotic division.
FBbt:00005289 pre-elongation spermatid One of 64 haploid germ-cells present in the spermatid cyst from the end of meiosis 2 to the beginning of tail elongation.
FBbt:00004934 primary gonial cell Daughter of a male germline stem cell. Unlike its sister, which will remain a stem cell, the primary gonial cell is displaced laterally from the hub cells, where it becomes enclosed by two 'cyst cells'. Morphology is much like its stem cell sister.
FBbt:00057149 primary spermatocyte in meiotic anaphase I Primary spermatocyte during meiotic anaphase I (GO:0007133).
FBbt:00057146 primary spermatocyte in meiotic prophase I Primary spermatocyte during meiotic prophase 1 (GO:0007128).
FBbt:00057011 male germline cell Cell that develops into or is itself a spermatozoon.
FBbt:00057145 meiotic primary spermatocyte Primary spermatocyte during meiosis I (GO:0007127).
FBbt:00005260 secondary spermatogonium Male germline cell during its first 4 mitoses.
FBbt:00005412 gamete  
FBbt:00000001 organism An individual member of the species Drosophila melanogaster.
FBbt:00005310 elongation stage spermatid A spermatid which is no longer round, in which the nuclear shape changes from round to needle-shaped, and in which the Nebenkern unfolds, splits into two parts, and elongates along with the growing axoneme.
FBbt:00004945 onion stage spermatid A round spermatid containing a spherical Nebenkern with an onion-like arrangement of mitochondrial material.
FBbt:00007016 material anatomical entity  
FBbt:00004857 reproductive system  
FBbt:00007001 anatomical structure Material anatomical entity that has inherent 3D shape, whose parts are all connected and that is generated by coordinated expression of the organism's own genome.
FBbt:00007004 male organism Gonochoristic organism that can produce male gametes.
FBbt:00004856 organ system A division of the whole organism into specialized systems.

62 Relations

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Parent Term . Identifier

Child Term . Name

Child Term . Identifier
is_a male germline cell FBbt:00057011 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
part_of testis FBbt:00004928 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from individualization stage spermatid FBbt:00005320 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
is_a gamete FBbt:00005412 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from secondary spermatogonium FBbt:00005260 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from mid-late elongation-stage spermatid FBbt:00057003 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
is_a anatomical structure FBbt:00007001 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from anatomical entity FBbt:10000000 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
is_a cell FBbt:00007002 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from spermatocyte FBbt:00004936 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from spermatogonium FBbt:00004935 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from primary gonial cell FBbt:00004934 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from elongation stage spermatid FBbt:00005310 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from leaf blade stage spermatid FBbt:00057176 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
part_of male reproductive system FBbt:00004927 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
part_of anatomical structure FBbt:00007001 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from early elongation stage spermatid FBbt:00057175 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from comet stage spermatid FBbt:00057174 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
part_of material anatomical entity FBbt:00007016 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
part_of male organism FBbt:00007004 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from coalescence stage spermatid FBbt:00057172 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from clew stage spermatid FBbt:00057171 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
is_a anatomical entity FBbt:10000000 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from agglomeration stage spermatid FBbt:00057170 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from onion stage spermatid FBbt:00004945 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from spermatid FBbt:00004942 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from late elongation-stage spermatid FBbt:00057002 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from early-mid elongation-stage spermatid FBbt:00057000 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
develops_from secondary spermatocyte FBbt:00004941 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954
part_of gonad FBbt:00004858 spermatozoon FBbt:00004954

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sperm synonym