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CV Term : FBcv:0000354 visible Fly Miscellaneous CV Terms

Namespace  phenotypic_class Obsolete  false
description  A post-embryonic, macroscopic, anatomical phenotype.

1 Ontology

Fly Miscellaneous CV Terms

6 Parents

Identifier Name Description
FBcv:0000354 visible A post-embryonic, macroscopic, anatomical phenotype.
FBcv:0000807 allele descriptor  
FBcv:0001347 phenotype A defect in or loss of some anatomical structure or biological process compared to wild-type.
FBcv:0000000 FlyBase CV  
FBcv:0000013 descriptor  
FBcv:0000347 phenotypic class  

10 Relations

Parent Term . Name

Parent Term . Identifier

Child Term . Name

Child Term . Identifier
is_a phenotype FBcv:0001347 visible FBcv:0000354
is_a FlyBase CV FBcv:0000000 visible FBcv:0000354
is_a descriptor FBcv:0000013 visible FBcv:0000354
is_a allele descriptor FBcv:0000807 visible FBcv:0000354
is_a phenotypic class FBcv:0000347 visible FBcv:0000354
is_a visible FBcv:0000354 eye color defective FBcv:0000355
is_a visible FBcv:0000354 body color defective FBcv:0000356
is_a visible FBcv:0000354 small body FBcv:0000358
is_a visible FBcv:0000354 large body FBcv:0000361
is_a visible FBcv:0000354 body size defective FBcv:0000665

0 Synonyms