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Protein Domain : IPR016837

Name  Uncharacterised protein family Ycf55, cyanobacteria Short Name  Uncharacterised_Ycf55_cyanobac
Type  Family Description  This entry represents proteins annotated as Ycf55. It is found encoded in the chloroplast genomes of algae, it is also found in plants and in the cyanobacteria. The function is unknown, though there are two completely conserved residues (L and D) that may be functionally important. As the family is exclusively found in the cyanobacteria and it may play a role in photosynthesis. Some members of this family are predicted to be response regulators because they contain an N-terminal CheY-like receiver domain.

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IPR001789 Signal transduction response regulator, receiver domain Sig_transdc_resp-reg_receiver Domain

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PIRSF026434 PIRSF IPR016837

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IPR022552 Uncharacterised protein family Ycf55 UPF_Ycf55 Family

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