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Protein Domain : IPR022305

Name  Sortase system response regulator Short Name  Response_regulator
Type  Family Description  This entry describes a group of DNA-binding response regulator proteins that associate with histidine kinase () to form a two-component system. This system co-occurs with a proteobacterial variant form of the protein sorting transpeptidase called sortase (), and a single target protein for the sortase.

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DB identifier Name Short Name Type
IPR001789 Signal transduction response regulator, receiver domain Sig_transdc_resp-reg_receiver Domain
IPR011006 CheY-like superfamily CheY-like_superfamily Domain
IPR001867 Signal transduction response regulator, C-terminal Sig_transdc_resp-reg_C Domain

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TIGR03787 TIGRFAMs IPR022305

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