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Name  Sparrow J

10 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
Schmitz S Drosophila ACT88F indirect flight muscle-specific actin is not N-terminally acetylated: a mutation in N-terminal processing affects actin function. 2000 J Mol Biol 295 1201-10 10653697
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Sparrow J Protein engineering and the study of muscle contraction in Drosophila flight muscles. 1991 J Cell Sci Suppl 14 73-8 1909335
Sevdali M Human congenital myopathy actin mutants cause myopathy and alter Z-disc structure in Drosophila flight muscle. 2013 Neuromuscul Disord 23 243-55 23294764
Sparrow J Functional and ultrastructural effects of a missense mutation in the indirect flight muscle-specific actin gene of Drosophila melanogaster. 1991 J Mol Biol 222 963-82 1684824
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Molnár I DAAM is required for thin filament formation and Sarcomerogenesis during muscle development in Drosophila. 2014 PLoS Genet 10 e1004166 24586196