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Name  Fischer A

16 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
Neumüller RA Genome-wide analysis of self-renewal in Drosophila neural stem cells by transgenic RNAi. 2011 Cell Stem Cell 8 580-93 21549331
Neumüller RA Mei-P26 regulates microRNAs and cell growth in the Drosophila ovarian stem cell lineage. 2008 Nature 454 241-5 18528333
Speicher S The PDZ protein Canoe regulates the asymmetric division of Drosophila neuroblasts and muscle progenitors. 2008 Curr Biol 18 831-7 18499457
Schotta G Central role of Drosophila SU(VAR)3-9 in histone H3-K9 methylation and heterochromatic gene silencing. 2002 EMBO J 21 1121-31 11867540
Naumann K Pivotal role of AtSUVH2 in heterochromatic histone methylation and gene silencing in Arabidopsis. 2005 EMBO J 24 1418-29 15775980
Baumbusch LO The Arabidopsis thaliana genome contains at least 29 active genes encoding SET domain proteins that can be assigned to four evolutionarily conserved classes. 2001 Nucleic Acids Res 29 4319-33 11691919
Mateo V Mechanisms of CD47-induced caspase-independent cell death in normal and leukemic cells: link between phosphatidylserine exposure and cytoskeleton organization. 2002 Blood 100 2882-90 12351399
Callebaut I Cernunnos interacts with the XRCC4 x DNA-ligase IV complex and is homologous to the yeast nonhomologous end-joining factor Nej1. 2006 J Biol Chem 281 13857-60 16571728
Thorstensen T The Arabidopsis SUVR4 protein is a nucleolar histone methyltransferase with preference for monomethylated H3K9. 2006 Nucleic Acids Res 34 5461-70 17020925
Hekman M Reversible membrane interaction of BAD requires two C-terminal lipid binding domains in conjunction with 14-3-3 protein binding. 2006 J Biol Chem 281 17321-36 16603546
Fischer A Heterochromatin proteins and the control of heterochromatic gene silencing in Arabidopsis. 2006 J Plant Physiol 163 358-68 16384625
Ménasché G A newly identified isoform of Slp2a associates with Rab27a in cytotoxic T cells and participates to cytotoxic granule secretion. 2008 Blood 112 5052-62 18812475
Kurowska M Terminal transport of lytic granules to the immune synapse is mediated by the kinesin-1/Slp3/Rab27a complex. 2012 Blood 119 3879-89 22308290
Hess F Integrin-linked kinase interacts with caspase-9 and -8 in an adhesion-dependent manner for promoting radiation-induced apoptosis in human leukemia cells. 2007 Oncogene 26 1372-84 16936772
Fischer A Regulation of RAF activity by 14-3-3 proteins: RAF kinases associate functionally with both homo- and heterodimeric forms of 14-3-3 proteins. 2009 J Biol Chem 284 3183-94 19049963
Polzien L Identification of novel in vivo phosphorylation sites of the human proapoptotic protein BAD: pore-forming activity of BAD is regulated by phosphorylation. 2009 J Biol Chem 284 28004-20 19667065