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Kolodziej PA Mutations that affect the length, fasciculation, or ventral orientation of specific sensory axons in the Drosophila embryo. 1995 Neuron 15 273-86 7646885
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Parrish JZ The microRNA bantam functions in epithelial cells to regulate scaling growth of dendrite arbors in drosophila sensory neurons. 2009 Neuron 63 788-802 19778508
Brenman JE Sequoia, a tramtrack-related zinc finger protein, functions as a pan-neural regulator for dendrite and axon morphogenesis in Drosophila. 2001 Dev Cell 1 667-77 11709187
Han C Integrins regulate repulsion-mediated dendritic patterning of drosophila sensory neurons by restricting dendrites in a 2D space. 2012 Neuron 73 64-78 22243747
Kolodziej PA frazzled encodes a Drosophila member of the DCC immunoglobulin subfamily and is required for CNS and motor axon guidance. 1996 Cell 87 197-204 8861904
Roegiers F Regulation of membrane localization of Sanpodo by lethal giant larvae and neuralized in asymmetrically dividing cells of Drosophila sensory organs. 2005 Mol Biol Cell 16 3480-7 15901829
Roegiers F Two types of asymmetric divisions in the Drosophila sensory organ precursor cell lineage. 2001 Nat Cell Biol 3 58-67 11146627
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Eaton S CDC42 and Rac1 control different actin-dependent processes in the Drosophila wing disc epithelium. 1995 J Cell Biol 131 151-64 7559772
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