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Name  Tapon N

25 Publications

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Mao Y Planar polarization of the atypical myosin Dachs orients cell divisions in Drosophila. 2011 Genes Dev 25 131-6 21245166
Tapon N The Drosophila tuberous sclerosis complex gene homologs restrict cell growth and cell proliferation. 2001 Cell 105 345-55 11348591
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Cully M A role for p38 stress-activated protein kinase in regulation of cell growth via TORC1. 2010 Mol Cell Biol 30 481-95 19917724
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Andersen DS Drosophila MFAP1 is required for pre-mRNA processing and G2/M progression. 2008 J Biol Chem 283 31256-67 18765666
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Andersen DS Drosophila MCRS2 associates with RNA polymerase II complexes to regulate transcription. 2010 Mol Cell Biol 30 4744-55 20679484
Polesello C Salvador-warts-hippo signaling promotes Drosophila posterior follicle cell maturation downstream of notch. 2007 Curr Biol 17 1864-70 17964162
Genevet A The Hippo pathway regulates apical-domain size independently of its growth-control function. 2009 J Cell Sci 122 2360-70 19531586
Langton PF The dASPP-dRASSF8 complex regulates cell-cell adhesion during Drosophila retinal morphogenesis. 2009 Curr Biol 19 1969-78 19931458
Langton PF Drosophila ASPP regulates C-terminal Src kinase activity. 2007 Dev Cell 13 773-82 18061561
Tseng AS Capicua regulates cell proliferation downstream of the receptor tyrosine kinase/ras signaling pathway. 2007 Curr Biol 17 728-33 17398096
Tain LS Drosophila HtrA2 is dispensable for apoptosis but acts downstream of PINK1 independently from Parkin. 2009 Cell Death Differ 16 1118-25 19282869
Tapon N salvador Promotes both cell cycle exit and apoptosis in Drosophila and is mutated in human cancer cell lines. 2002 Cell 110 467-78 12202036
Ribeiro PS Combined functional genomic and proteomic approaches identify a PP2A complex as a negative regulator of Hippo signaling. 2010 Mol Cell 39 521-34 20797625
Polesello C The Drosophila RASSF homolog antagonizes the hippo pathway. 2006 Curr Biol 16 2459-65 17174922
Silva E The tumor-suppressor gene fat controls tissue growth upstream of expanded in the hippo signaling pathway. 2006 Curr Biol 16 2081-9 16996266
Shaw RL The Hippo pathway regulates intestinal stem cell proliferation during Drosophila adult midgut regeneration. 2010 Development 137 4147-58 21068063
Lucas EP The Hippo pathway polarizes the actin cytoskeleton during collective migration of Drosophila border cells. 2013 J Cell Biol 201 875-85 23733343
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