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Protein : FBpp0075275 D. melanogaster

Primary Accession  ? Q9VUX2 Organism . Name  Drosophila melanogaster
MD5 Checksum  219b57c735646da1fce9890882192514 UniProt Accession  Q9VUX2
UniProt Name  MIB_DROME GenBank Identifier  AAF49551
Is UniProt Canonical  true Is Fragment  false
Length  1226 Molecular Weight  129872
Name  E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase mind-bomb Secondary Identifier  FBpp0075275

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1 Genes

DB identifier Secondary Identifier Symbol Name Source Organism
FBgn0263601 CG5841 mib1 mind bomb 1 FlyBase D. melanogaster


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0 Components

2 Cross References

Source . Name

Subject . Primary Identifier
Dm.10758 UniGene FBpp0075275
NP_648826.2 RefSeq FBpp0075275

3 Data Sets

Name URL
FlyBase data set for Drosophila melanogaster  
Swiss-Prot data set
Reactome data set  

1 Ec Numbers

Identifier Description

1 Locations

Located On . Primary Identifier
Start End Strand
3L 15999836 16004748 -1

19 Pathways

Identifier Name
162718 Signaling by NOTCH1 HD Domain Mutants in Cancer
162275 Constitutive Signaling by NOTCH1 HD Domain Mutants
162388 Signaling by NOTCH1 PEST Domain Mutants in Cancer
163048 Constitutive Signaling by NOTCH1 PEST Domain Mutants
162365 Signaling by NOTCH1 HD+PEST Domain Mutants in Cancer
162987 Constitutive Signaling by NOTCH1 HD+PEST Domain Mutants
162349 FBXW7 Mutants and NOTCH1 in Cancer
162508 Signaling by NOTCH1 t(7;9)(NOTCH1:M1580_K2555) Translocation Mutant
162622 Signaling by NOTCH1 in Cancer
118381 Disease
162544 NOTCH2 Activation and Transmission of Signal to the Nucleus
120586 Signaling by NOTCH2
120524 Signaling by NOTCH1
120582 Activated NOTCH1 Transmits Signal to the Nucleus
152825 Pre-NOTCH Processing in the Endoplasmic Reticulum
120528 Pre-NOTCH Processing in Golgi
78520 Signaling by NOTCH
120456 Pre-NOTCH Expression and Processing
97910 Signaling Pathways

6 Protein Domains

DB identifier Name Short Name Type
IPR002110 Ankyrin repeat Ankyrin_rpt Repeat
IPR020683 Ankyrin repeat-containing domain Ankyrin_rpt-contain_dom Domain
IPR001841 Zinc finger, RING-type Znf_RING Domain
IPR013083 Zinc finger, RING/FYVE/PHD-type Znf_RING/FYVE/PHD Domain
IPR010606 Mib-herc2 Mib_Herc2 Domain
IPR000433 Zinc finger, ZZ-type Znf_ZZ Domain

1 Transcripts

DB identifier Gene
FBtr0075520 mib1