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Publication : A search for reverse transcriptase-coding sequences reveals new non-LTR retrotransposons in the genome of Drosophila melanogaster.

First Author  Berezikov E Year  2000
Journal  Genome Biol Volume  1
Pages  RESEARCH0012 PubMed ID  11178266
Issue  6

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21 Bio Entities

DB identifier Symbol Name
FBte0000143 HeT-A HeT-A element
FBte0000005 F-element  
FBte0000603 Rt1b Rt1b
FBte0000118 R1A1-element R1 rDNA element
FBte0000780 BS BS element
FBte0000657 G-element  
FBte0000088 jockey jockey element
FBte0001160 X-element X-element
FBte0000984 Helena Helena element
FBte0000341 Doc Doc element
FBte0000124 Q-element Q-element
FBte0000608 Ivk Ivk
FBte0000133 I-element  
FBte0000457 Rt1a Rt1a
FBte0000982 Juan Juan
FBte0000782 Loa Loa
FBte0000030 R2-element R2 rDNA element
FBte0000335 TART-element Telomere-associated retrotransposon
FBte0000046 bilbo bilbo
FBte0000467 Dyak\R1-element R1 rDNA element
FBte0000016 Dyak\Helena Helena