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Publication : Differential regulation of dendritic and axonal development by the novel Kr├╝ppel-like factor Dar1.

First Author  Ye B Year  2011
Journal  J Neurosci Volume  31
Pages  3309-19 PubMed ID  21368042
Issue  9

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27 Bio Entities

Class DB identifier Symbol Allele Class Organism Secondary Identifier Available Name Source Organism Cytological Location Length
Gene FBgn0001319 kn     CG10197   knot FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0010333 Rac1     CG2248   Rac1 FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0039141 spas     CG5977   spastin FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0011661 Moe     CG10701   Moesin FlyBase D. melanogaster    
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0131369       P{GAL4}21-7            
Allele FBal0258676 dar1[3010]   Drosophila melanogaster              
Gene FBgn0263239 dar1     CG12029   dendritic arbor reduction 1 FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Allele FBal0258677 dar1[3232]   Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0258678 dar1[Scer\UAS.cYa]   Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0258679 dar1[+tYa]   Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0096780 dar1[D6]   Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0224019 dar1[f06798]   Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0258680 dar1[sy]   Drosophila melanogaster              
ChromosomeStructureVariation FBab0047100       Df(3L)DeltaEY01819            
ChromosomeStructureVariation FBab0047101       Df(3L)R75            
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0053151       PBac{WH}dar1[f06798]           2  
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0027106       P{EPgy2}EY01819           344  
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0072106       P{EP}spas[T32]            
Allele FBal0177734 spas[T32]   Drosophila melanogaster              
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0002575       P{GawB}elav[C155]           2  
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0015554       P{GawB}109(2)80         25D  
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0026455       P{GawB}477            
ChromosomalDeletion FBab0002319       Df(3L)GN34            
Allele FBal0103782 kn[Scer\UAS.cMa]   Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0130902 Moe[GMA.Scer\UAS.T:Avic\GFP-S65T]   Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0038995 Rac1[Scer\UAS.cLa]   Drosophila melanogaster              
NaturalTransposableElement FBte0000037 P-element