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Publication : Host glycosaminoglycan confers susceptibility to bacterial infection in Drosophila melanogaster.

First Author  Baron MJ Year  2009
Journal  Infect Immun Volume  77
Pages  860-6 PubMed ID  19047407
Issue  2

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16 Bio Entities

Class DB identifier Symbol Allele Class Organism Secondary Identifier Available Name Source Organism Cytological Location Length
Gene FBgn0263930 dally     CG4974   division abnormally delayed FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0029175 Ext2     CG8433   Ext2 FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0003444 smo     CG11561   smoothened FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0010415 Sdc     CG10497   Syndecan FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0041604 dlp     CG32146   dally-like FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0265974 ttv     CG10117   tout-velu FlyBase D. melanogaster    
Gene FBgn0259168 mnb     CG42273   minibrain FlyBase D. melanogaster    
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0005174       P{PZ}ttv[00681b]         51B1-51B5  
Allele FBal0007955 ttv[00681b] loss of function allele Drosophila melanogaster              
TransposableElementInsertionSite FBti0006025       P{lacW}Sdc[k10215]         57E1-57E2  
Allele FBal0043489 Sdc[k10215]   Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0160487 Ext2[1.8.1]   Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0155392 dlp[A187] loss of function allele Drosophila melanogaster              
Allele FBal0155414 dally[80] loss of function allele Drosophila melanogaster              
ChromosomalDeletion FBab0038702       Df(2R)48            
ChromosomalDeletion FBab0002374       Df(3L)h-i22