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Validation of C. elegans miRNAs by qRT-PCR

experiment: Validation of C. elegans miRNAs by qRT-PCR project: The C. elegans Transcriptome PI: Robert Waterston Labs: Frank Slack
In order to validate whether novel miRNA candidates we cloned are bona fide miRNAs, we examined their expression level using qRT-PCR in mutants of alg-1(gk214), which is necessary for miRNA maturation and function but not necessary for other known small RNA pathways (Grishok et al., Cell. 2001; Batista et al., Mol Cell. 2008).
There is 1 RTPCR submission for this experiment:
DCC id Name developmental stage strain temperature Embargoed until Features, GBrowse and Data Files

Validation of C. elegans novel miRNAs yadult 15dC 84hrs post-L1 stage larvae [ALL]
mid-L4 15dC 72hrs post-L1 stage larvae [ALL]
VC446 [ALL]
15 degree celsius [ALL]
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