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List Analysis for Worm germline enriched (2211 Genes)

Description: Germline-enriched genes, not including spermatogenesis. Reinke et al (PMID: 14668411).Compiled by Andreas Rechtsteiner & Susan Strome. Curational revision January 2013.
Date Created: 1271424512353

Drosophila melanogaster Gene Expression Scores

These expression levels are derived from RNA-seq data from the Celniker group and are log2 of the actual value.
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More Information

This heatmap shows estimated expression levels for annotated genes, using signals from Affymetrix Drosophila tiling arrays. The arrays were hybridized with total RNAs extracted from 25 cell lines and 30 developmental stages. The original gene scores table provides expression scores for all genes listed in the FlyBase version 5.12 annotation. Each gene was assigned a score equal to the maximum exon score for all the exons associated with the gene in the annotation. That is, we made no effort to derive distinct scores for known isoforms. [Note: Some exons are annotated as components of more than one genes. Such exons are represented in more than one row, with different values for geneID, geneName and FBgn.] IMPORTANT: Hybridization efficiencies vary significantly from probe to probe and exon to exon. Consequently, the data in these tables are useful for comparing a single gene in multiple RNA samples (i.e. you may compare scores within a row). But they are NOT useful for comparing different genes or exons from a single RNA sample (i.e. do NOT try to compare scores within a column).
Further information: check the modENCODE submission, with links to the original score files for genes and exons.

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